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Anonymous asked: "What would Ariana wear for going shopping with friends? I love your blog by the way xo"

Practically anything from our inspired section! (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: "hey very soon i'm going to my bff or she's coming to me and we want to do some diy things so i thought of that headband from cat that she wears in the slap videos that one with the pink flower leaves i hope you know what i mean do you know how to make it ?"

Is there a way you could submit a picture to us? I don’t recall what it looks like! :(
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: "hey in the sma and cat episode peezy b cat is wearing a hat that says hat on it do you know how to make it because me and my bff want to make it ourselfs"

Hi love! I think this is a great idea for you and your BFF to make! Go to a craft store like “Michaels,” and buy a plain hat of your choice. They’re super inexpensive! While your at Michaels, also buy stick on Gems; also very inexpensive. At home stick the little gems on the hat and spell out the word “HAT” (make sure it’s in capital letters like Cat’s.) You can of course play around with the shapes and sizes of the gems, and even the colors! Hope I helped (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: "What do you think Ariana usually gets from Starbucks? 😊"

Most likely a Soy Latte (:
Xoxo, Nikki

katarella asked: "Haha 'and obviously her Chanel bag.' I can't stop laughing. lol"

Haha me neither! I’ll let Brianna know, she’s too funny (:
Xoxo, Nikki

Anonymous asked: "What would ariana wear with a regular little black dress like the one from pacsun?"

Yes!:) -brianna xx

ohheyitzjordan asked: "What would Ari wear in The Hunger Games?"

Leggings, sneakers with heels in them, a pink or black tank with a zip up sweatshirt and obviously a Chanel bag;) -Brianna xx

Hello, my loves! As you can see Nikki decided to come back on board with us. We also will be having a new worker that I promised could work with us after Nikki left. Her name is Marua:) If you didn’t see on my person I said I will be gone for about a week for Spring break. I’ll try to be on when ever I can but the chance are low of me being on. I love you guys. -Brianna xx

Anonymous asked: "hi"

Hi:) -brianna xx


Hehe, just trying to make you guys laugh a little (:
Xoxo, Nikki